Welcome to GeoDisPlaner

– You want to improve the routes of delivery?
– Want to earn more money per day in less time and save fuel?
– Are you tired to start the day at 6 am and ends at 8 pm or later?
– Need 150 or more packets are divided, but do not know where to start?
– You have a carrier, but does not have the qualified staff to distribute their goods?

Do not worry. We offer the technology solution that you are looking to optimize their offers and get even more benefits for your business, reduce costs and reduce delivery time.

GeoDisPlaner offers a tool to provide instant access to all destinations in their packages.
From there the selection of items is started and determine the sequences of its route.
GeoDisPlaner In the next step to generate the KML file that is compatible with Google Maps.
Just link that GeoDisPlaner generate KML file for you, send your email to your GPS device.
With GeoDisPlaner, you need to work as a distributor. Inexperienced We computerize and automate business processes for you as a distributor.

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